Performance Credits and a few details yet to come…



STILL NOT QUITE HUMAN – Stop motion body armor

ED – Adult chimpanzee suits

DINOSAUR CITY – Anthropomorphic dinosaurs (Rex, King, Topps, Mr. Big, & Female)

STAR TREK V – Prison alien anatomy pieces; Helmet bases

FREAKED – Keanu Reeves and Alex — as Big Daddy Roth type freaks

INVADERS FROM MARS – Feathered doves

THE INVISIBLE KID – Practical effect of invisible people (Mom, Cop, Jay, & China)

GHOULIES II – Ghoulie god creature suit

GUYVER – Stop motion scale miniature clothes of Jack Armstrong

HONEY, I BLEW UP THE KID – Pair giant Nike tennis shoes 13’ long, and one shoe 6’ long

INSTINCT – Gorilla suits

JURASSIC PARK: THE LOST WORLD – Raptors, Baby Triceratops, and Baby T-Rex stunt puppet

JURASSIC PARK III – Raptor construction consultant

FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS – Lizard people bodies

BEETLEJUICE – Stop motion scale miniature clothes of Gina Davis & Alex Baldwin for Psychiatrist office bird effect; Miniature house curtains for snake scene

SANDLOT – Giant Beast dog; and double & insert pieces of St. Bernard dog (Hercules)

MOUSEHUNT – Mouse puppet; and Cat puppet

GARBAGE PAIL KIDS – Oversized high-top tennis shoes for —–

RELIC – Kathoga creature

PUPPET MASTER III, IV, V, VI – Torch puppet clothes, and Six-shooter puppet clothes

SMALL SOLDIERS – —-Soldier costume

SPECIES – Sil; Male Sil; and Sil boy puppet

SPECIES II – Sil suit construction consultant

MY DEMON LOVER – Stop motion scale miniature clothes of —-Demon

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET—DREAM CHILD – Stop motion scale miniature clothes of Freddy & —-

HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN – Stop motion scale miniature clothes of –Villian

SHAPE SHIFTER – Werewolf suits; and wolf pelts

DEMONIC TOYS – Baby Oopsie Daisy clothes

HEART BEEPS – Robot clothes

TANK GIRL – Ripper suits


FLIP FLOP SHOP – Jumpy body; LzBonz body; Professor Blinky wardrobe

UNKNOWN TV PILOT – 13 Elvis Presley jumpsuits

STAR RUNNERS TV PILOT – Anthropomorphic Wolf suits; Lion head; and Otter puppet

POWER RANGERS – Bee, Snake, Bat, and Wolf villians

PEE WEE’S PLAY HOUSE – Billy Baloney clothes

TEDDY RUXPIN TV PILOT – 6 Bounders, and Louie

THE STAND – 60 Corpse bodies, and padded torso for —–

D.C. FOLLIES – Many political satire caricature puppets

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – 3 Demons that posess Marlena

FULL HOUSE – Duck and Raisin costumes for Halloween episode



AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS – NSYNC Heads for —- performance


SUNDOGS TV PILOT – Peke, Beau, Rex and Poofy

WICKEDEST WITCH – 18 Goblin puppet bodies


THAT’S MY BUSH – Cat puppet


CHRYSLER – Alien costumes

BUDWEISER – Anteater puppet

BIMBO BREAD – Bimbo Bear puppet

BARTLES & JAMES – Macaw puppet

BARTLES & JAMES – Giant peach costume

RUFFLES/FRITO LAY – 2 Chip bag suits

DIET RITE – 3 Inflatable fat suits; and 10 Padded suits

McDONALD’S – Fry Kid puppet costumes and accessories

NIKE – Over-sized tennis shoes

WAGNER GOLF BALL – Gopher puppet

MILLER LITE – Life-size Cow puppet

NINTENDO – Dragon, Sea Urchin, and Snake puppets

? BEER COMMERCIAL – “T” and “A” costumes

DURACELL – The Putterman costumes

IUPUI – Robot puppet

INDIANAPOLIS INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL – 15’-long Chinese dragon style Catapillar

KENTUCKY MEGA LOTTERY – 2 Lottery ball suits

INDIANA LOTTERY – Jack Pott wardrobe

MERCOLA – Tinboy, Young Lion, and Scarecrow Father and Son

SNUGGLES – Soft Logo


ULTRAMAN POWERED – Zeton, Kemura, Bolton, Dorago, Red King, Twin Starfish, and 7 others

BARNYARD PLACE – Pig and Cow suits

GHOST – Fat suit and muscle suit for Michael Jackson

BIBLEMAN – Bibleman, Biblegirl, Cypher, El Furioso, Luxor, Temptation, and Doubt

ROAD TRIP – Robot for Indiana 48-hour Film Festival (award winning special effects)

Live Theater

ICE CAPADES – California Raisins

ABC – 3 Crest Sparkles; guitar and microphone

GALLAGHER – 2 Thumb suits for “thumb wrestling”

THE GOPHER – Gopher puppet

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE – Multiple giant black light puppets

JEFF DUNHAM – Peanut puppet

BETTE MIDLER – Mermaid tail

NBC – Thundercat head; Panda Bear suit; and Diving gear for Gumby and Pokey

LOIS LOWRY – Wizard and Gossamer puppets

TERRY FADER – Relief Cher dressed body cloaks


Promotional Mascots


NOODLES & COMPANY – Noodle suit

KID’S WB – Men in Black Coffee Alien

THE KINGDOM CHUMS – David Raccoon head

FLINTSTONES – Finishing of Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney heads

XANADU COMICS – human-size Fatima and Griffin posables

WARNER BROTHERS STUDIOS – Jamie Foxx hand puppet and marionette (now in WB Museum)

ROBOCOP – Robocop suit

TEDDY RUXPIN – 8 Teddy Ruxpin heads; and Wooly Whatsit

TOTORO – suit


Amusement Parks

KNOTT’S BERRY FARM – 13’ wing span Condor

KNOTT’S BERRY FARM – Full-size dinosaurs

EVERLAND – 11 Skeleton ghost puppets

TOKYO DISNEYLAND – Admiral Akbar puppet for Star Tours

TOKYO DISNEYLAND – 18 Alien puppets for PanGalactic Pizza Parlor

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS – 13’ puppet of Tiger for American Tail Theater

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS – Soldier bodies and Monster suits for Small Soldiers Show


EPCOT CENTER – British Colonel puppet

DISNEY WORLD – Beast effects torso for Beauty and the Beast Show

DISNEY WORLD – Little Mermaid effects tail for Little Mermaid Show

? PARK – Waterproof period suit for Titanic Show


TEDDY RUXPIN AND…– Toy prototypes, outfits, salesman samples and manufacturer patterns for Teddy Ruxpin, Grubby, Fobs, Mother Goose, Ugly Duckling, Woodstock

2 -20’ KING KONGS – Chicago and Mississippi casino display

12 VERVET MONKEYS – South American restaurant

OLYMPIC FIGURE SKATING OUTFITS – Finishing of couple’s costumes for American team

CAROUSEL HORSES – Innumerable hand-painting of wood-carved horses

CRUSHED KITTY – product prototype, salesman samples and manufacturer patterns

BUFFALO BILL’S CASINO – 2 realistic buffalo head mounts

ROSE PARADE FLOAT – Foam carved 8’ Dragon head; deco crew 3 yrs

ROSE PARADE FLOAT – Float Co-designer, Head of deco crew, and foam carver

DISNEY LIMITED EDITION COLLECTABLES – Painter/finisher for Terri Hardin’s Jewels of the Park, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean collections

JUNGLE JIM’S INTERNATIONAL GROCERY – Campbells Soup Kids; Maid Marian, horse & Little John; Firemen; and Mexican Chef store displays

TREASURE ROOM – Finishing on Pirates of the Caribbean Treasure Room sculpture for Guillermo Del Toro

LANCE IKEGAWA FURRIES – Misc efforts of muscle suits, covering and finishing of Foster’s Eduardo, Spotticus, Chester, Dar Ruhsk, Blue Meanie, Ralkor, Bleach & Fire, Hick Hare, Cornell, Kaas,  Talbain, and innumerable others

ORC – Convention suit; 2 competitions, 5 awards including Best of Show at San Diego ComicCon

MRS. INDIANA – State themed costume for Mrs. America Pageant


Associates Degree in Fashion Design

Regional Film Liaison for Indiana State Film Commission